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The Full Moon Hash wtf????

Want to set a trail?

We can always use a new venue, or a new hare, and our friends at KBHGUIDE.COM have done their homework and tested 650 pubs and bars in Copenhagen plus 40 in Malmö!

They even have a breakdown into different neighborhoods, so if you want to set trail from, say, Pisserenden - no problem, 15 places to choose from!

Gule Gardiner is a Norwegian guy testing brown bars with yellow curtains, just the way we like them! They even have a page about our all time favorite CH4 song - Himmelhunden

New! Here's something to keep you busy while you Stay The F*** At Home

Runsheet 2020

Run no.
Date and time
Public transport
CH4 #305 Friday 02-10-2020
18:00 hrs
(Early start!)
Cafe Blomsten
Istedgade 109
1650 København V
and Codpiece
Blue Full Moon Hash I
CH4 #306 Friday 30-10-2020
18:00 hrs
(Early start!)
Cafe Blomsten
Lille Strandstræde 5
1254 København
Ib von Täinen Blue Full Moon Hash II
CH4 #307 Friday 27-11-2020
18:00 hrs
(Early start!)
Location TBA  
Contact the CH4 Junta
Full Moon Hash
CH4 #308 Friday 01-01-2021 TBA hrs
Some time after the CH3 New Year's circle
Svanemøllen Station
A-to-B trail - short and sweet!
Contact the CH4 Junta
Full Moon Hash

Some statistics for the first 300...

Useful links

Visitor's Guide to Hashing in Copenhagen

2019 Statistics. Plus the All Time Top Twenty Five list - updated 23-12-2012(!)

Spreading the gospel of Rubber Chickenism

A sky chart map to help you howl in the right direction, curtesy of Heavens Above

Another one is found at Weather Underground

Photos from The First Full Moon Interhash on August 12th 2003: Full moon photos:

The Copenhagen Howling Hash House Harriers hymn

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