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The Kildevæld Playlist

(just something to keep you busy while you Stay The F*** At Home)

So what would happen if you gave Codpiece a fistful of coins at Café Kildevæld and just said 'play my song'...?
Extra points for guessing who gave me the coins or which hasher the song relates to.

5:01You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (w/lyrics) - Meat Loaf (Calapso / Red Carpet)
3:10Lemon Tree - Fools Garden (Doggy Bag)
3:10Centerfold - J Geils Band (Stains The Sheets)
2:54Det var Inga Katinka og smukke Charlie på sin Harley - Gasolin (Ib von Täinen)
3:07Country roads - John Denver (Fishermen's Friend)
3:33Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot - Caramba (Thunderpiss / Swamp Thing)
2:57Karl & Ann Catrin - John Mogensen (Red Carpet / Codpiece)
4:26Faxe Kondi Lyric HD - Klumben feat Raske Penge (Thunderpiss)
3:58Come Dancing (Lyrics) - The Kinks (Calapso)
2:38Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash (Mind Your Nuts)
2:12Smilende Susie - Birgit Lystager (Biggles)
4:58Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode (Joint Venture)
2:00Claudia hat nen Schäferhund - Die Ärtze (Joint Venture)
3:22Da Da Da - Trio (Codpiece)
5:25Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad - Meat Loaf (Calapso / Red Carpet)
3:52Olivia - Rasmus Seebach (Doggy Bag / Red Carpet)
3:41This is My Life - Kim Larsen ()
2:52Sex Machine - James Brown (One guess…)
3:42Cigar - Bikstok Røgsystem (Thunderpiss / Doggy Bag)
3:00The Three Bells - The Browns (Bogey / Codpiece / Her Holy Nose / Pop Eye / STTI)
4:04Love Hurts - Nazareth Lyrics (Bogey / Codpiece / Her Holy Nose / Pop Eye / STTI)
3:57Who the Fuck is Alice? - Smokie (Everyone!)
3:32500 miles (I gonna be) - The Proclaimers ()
3:40All About That Upright Bass Jazz - Postmodern Jukebox (Calapso)
3:59She's A Beauty - The Tubes (Stains The Sheets)
8:28Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf Lyrics (Calapso and Red Carpet scaring off innocent bystanders)
2:43Sally Maclennane - The Pogues (Melon / Codpiece)
2:51Den lange Hr Jensen - Cæsar (Codpiece)
2:19Rabalderstræde 27.03.2018 Herning - Metallica (Mr Blowjob)
4:57Rabalderstræde - Gasolin' (Mr Blowjob)
4:15Himmelhunden - Teddy Edelmann (Bogey)
2:44Mennesker bliver spist i Polynesien - John Mogensen (Joint Venture)
2:07You Can't Say C*nt In Canada - Kevin Bloody Wilson (Stains The Sheets)
3:46My Best Friends Girl - The Cars (Erhmmm)
5:38Turn Me Loose - Loverboy (Codpiece / Stains The Sheets)
2:30Johnny B Goode - Coldplay ft Michael J Fox (Codpiece)
3:21Langebro - Gasolin' (Red Carpet / Codpiece)
4:13Ooa hela natten - Attack (Ooa Hela Dahn?)
3:08Rattled - Traveling Wilburys (Codpiece)
3:56Last Night - Traveling Wilburys (Codpiece)

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